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Are You looking for certified gemstone? Then you have landed on to the right page. GemLab Laboratories is acknowledged to offer legit gemstone certification for the gemstones .It is one of the most trusted brand in the gemstone market which is known to offer legit certificate for the gemstones. We will read in detail about GemLab in the following paragraphs.

But before that do we know that why it is hard to spot a gemstone dealer who issue a legit certification of gemstone?.Because, unfortunately jewelers or gemstone dealer does not hold required expertise to issue authentic gemstone certification. It occurs because most of the present jewelers and gemstone suppliers has narrow knowledge regarding actual gemstone certification. Though, they issue a certificate along with the gemstone, but that is predominately not relevent. Because, unlike diamonds certification gemstone certification cater subtle details of the gemstone. Hence it is categorically not possible for a jeweler or mostly for many gemstone dealers to provide the legit certification of the stone.

May be after reading this first paragraph,You would be scratching your head that which gemstone wholesaler can provide legit certification along the gemstone. So your answer is hidden in next paragraph. boastfully offer the legit gemstone certification of each and every single piece of the gemstone they sell. has been authorized by GemLab Laboratories to issue a gemstone certification stones. This online website has around more than 20 thousand gemstone of different varieties and surprisingly they provide certificate along with each product. In order to check you may personally visit their site, you will see that they have attested certificate with each gemstone with unique Gin number. Now you must be thinking that how gemstone certification offered by stand out apart from other gemstone wholesaler. Read next paragraph below to know.

GemLab The name You can trust:

GemLab one of the most trusted and legit company which is dealing in gemstone certification for more than a decade. This company is spread worldwide and offer their certification all over the world. For more information about their corporate offices, you may pay a visit to their site. Now let's come back to the topic why gemlab is different from other gemstone certification companies.

Experience of More Than A decade:

We all know that experience matter in almost every field. So does for the gemstone certification companies as well. And, here on the parameter of experience gemlab stands far away from the other gem certification providing companies. It has been working in the field of gem stone certification for more than a decade. Meanwhile they know about each in and out of the gemstone industry. Hence, they have a bunch of experience gemologists who work rigorously for day and night to provide quality product to their clients

Professional Gemologist Team:

At GemLab each and every stone has been well-tested by an experience gemologists. Whereas, in other gem certification companies they have installed several machines wherein they simply put the stone and fetch out the certificate. Most of these companies don't have experience gemologists which can manually test and investigate each stone before issuing certificate to it. However, in case of gemlab laboratories they are working in the field of gemology for more than a decade. Moreover, they have a separate team of highly acclaimed gemologists who inspect stone meticulously before issuing a certificate to it.

Complete Gem Testing Laboratory:

GemLab laboratory offers complete testing of a gemstone. Being in the field of gemology, they have advanced techniques and well form laboratories to inspect gemstone. Precisely, while inspecting a gemstone they consider following points: all the properties of the gemstone, inclusions, gemstone cutting, gemstone origin, basic crystallography to define internal atomic structure of the stone. Moreover, they even consider the color properties of the stone, thermal conductivity, refractive index before classifying that stone is natural or not. For more information about gemstone testing you may check this site:

What You See Is What You Get:

Now come back to the As already discussed that} is being authorized by GemLab Laboratories to issue certificate. So on our website, you will find every single stone with an attested original GemLab proudly claim that what you see is exactly what you get. Though,not talking in the air,to check by yourself you can visit to our site with every single stone will see an attested certificate, Furthermore, in case if you purchase a gemstone from,You will be delivered the same product which you had ordered, each product has assigned a GemLab Identification Number through which you check whether the stone deliver to you is the same one which you had offered.

Certified Gemstone :

Certified gemstone are basically those gemstone which are being certified by a well-established and probably the legit gemlab certification company. Undoubtedly, gemlab is considered to be the one of the most trusted brand in the field of gemstone certification. Hence, is being authorized by GemLab to issue gemstone certificate. Here you will receive a certified gemstone equivalent to the ideal parameters of the gemstone authentication.